Psychotherapy with real results in Geelong

We understand that in a time of need, you need more than talk

Here at Associated Psychology Services in Geelong , we guarantee that the services provided by our Psychologists will help you develop practical coping skills and strategies that lead to positive change.

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psychologists in Geelong

Treatment for all

Our fully qualified team of Psychologists are experienced in providing psychotherapy services to diverse segments of the community.

With experience in treating all age ranges, and all types of  situations- relationships , including personal, work, parenting, school issues, marital and family. Our services are applicable to all issues no matter how insignificant or insurmountable they may seem.


As part of a professional team providing Psychology in Geelong, we at Associated Psychology Services guarantee that everything you share with any member of our team will remain strictly confidential .

Building a trusting and confidential relationship is the hallmark of all of our treatments.

Real Solutions

Many people struggle with complex issues alone as they may feel anxious about speaking to a therapist. At Associated Psychology Services, we offer practical Psychotherapy that ensures you always understand the nature of the therapy and achieve the best results for your unique situation.

Our Psychologists are caring and sympathetic professionals than can help you resolve a range of psychological concerns. Contact us today.

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